Here are some of the locations around Guanajuato where you may find me playing my trumpet.

Corcho de Baco. Wine Bar with Pasta and Pizza. Campanero #9 Zona Centro.

Zilch. Music Hall and Bar. Jardin de la Union on the 2nd floor above the Van Gough.

Capellina. Italian food. Just a few doors down from the Teatro Juarez.

Casa de los Cuentos. Hotel. Barranca #8 off of Alonzo.

Casa Simurgh. Small theater in Valenciana, GTO. Take the road up to the Templo de Valenciana (the big church) take a left on the road going to Santa Ana. Stay on the main road, don't go to the left unless you want to see the Mine. Casa Simurgh will be just a little further after the split on the left side of the street.