Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I've Never Been Older, Fatter or Happier.

This is the 2nd year of my blog. Thanks for reading and following along with some of my adventures here in Mexico.

The crisp smell of mountain air filled my head as I exited from the bus station in Guanajuato. I returned to Mexico this last Monday after my longest stay in the US since we moved out in 2004. My bus arrived in Guanajuato in the morning of my birthday, January 24th. I've never been older, fatter or happier.

Nothing too exciting normally happens on our annual Christmas journey north, however this year there were a few exceptions. Stay tuned, I'll be posting about 2 different runs I went on when I ran right into Mother Nature and all of her beauty (tornadoes and wild hogs). I also hosted my first beer pong tournament in my Mom's garage where I put on a food prep (I can't call it cooking) show that turned into more performance art than anything else. I'm pretty good at entertaining drunk college kids. Also shot a promotional dvd for my new show BUZZ. More on these stories a bit later.

Thanks again for reading and happy new year.

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