Sunday, April 17, 2011

Near Miss

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. I have been busy ironing out the details of my new show BUZZ. Many exciting developments that I can't share with you just yet. Remember, "Patience is a virtue".

If you have seen any of my fotos then you know I am not a professional photographer, so trying to capture a thing of beauty such as the 3 wheeled bike in action from a moving vehicle you are operating on public roads is not the easiest thing.

I remember a George Carlin bit about airline travel and all of their funny wordage. Like if 2 planes almost hit each other in the air they call it a "near miss" when it is actually a near hit. A near miss is a hit.

I thought I should share a few of my near hits.
These 1st 2 fotos are of the same lady and her napping child.
I would have never seen what she was carrying
had I not taken the 1st foto.

My trip to San Fransisco del Rinco to purchase a few
costume items for BUZZ would have taken all day if
I tried to get fotos of all of the cool things I saw.

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