Friday, November 25, 2011

Walking Into Guanajuato

Since I am not with my girls, I love looking at fotos I have taken of them, thinking back to what we were doing at that moment.

What a lovely walk into town.

You can see why this is a favorite spot.
The above fotos were taken 27 October 2011 during Cervantino on our way into town for trumpeter Brain McWhorter's master class on practicing. I had already been into town once on that day to listen to Brain perform with the other members of Beta Colide. A wonderful concert followd by a very intimate master class. Brain has many very progessive views on practicing and I was very thankful that Pearl and Rose were there to take in some of his wisdom.

It's always fun walking into Guanajuato. So cool to live in a walking town. Nice to not need a car.

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