Sunday, November 7, 2010

Perform Tricks, Spinning Around, 60 ft. Above the Ground

Transe Express from France.
The performers on the outside are playing percussion,
while the acrobats in the middle perform tricks,
 spinning around, 60 ft. above the ground.
This is Cervantino.

Today brings to a close this years Festival Internacional Cervantino. This years festival was almost a month long. They added days for Mexico's biccentanario. Just like every Cervantino I have experienced, this years edition has surprised, transported and inspired me (not to mention my girls).

Too many displays of different art forms from around the world. While it is impossible to see everything, I always do my best to attend as many events as I can.

I will try to give you a small glimpse into what Cervantino is about to me.

1 of the big banners welcoming all,
in front of a few of Guanajuatos many tunnels. 
 Nice to see trumpeter Wynton Marsalis on the big banner. This years festival was full of trumpet artists from around the globe. Stay tuned for my list of trumpet highlights. You may be surprised to see who makes the top of my list.
The view from behind the band at Plaza San Roque.
If you look closely you may be able to find my girls.
The view from the other side of San Roque.
One of the surprising venues was the performance of Opera en el Marcado. What a great idea. It was wonderful to watch as the beautiful music engulfed everyone who was in, or around the market. I loved getting fotos of the workers as they were transported. Ahh, the power of music.
The power of music.
Opera in the Mercado.
This guy looks like he could be a part of the cast.
Soup and song.
These ladies are the workers at the resturaunt
 in the above foto (Soup and song).

Another surprising venue, I guess you can call it a venue, was about 60 feet above the ground in the Pastitos.

The show Transe Express from France uses heavy construction equipment to raise the performers high above the auddience in a life sized human mobile. It was very cool.

I have some good video that I will do my best to post (I always have problems uploading video). I would love to give you guys some of the sounds that go with the sights.

Stay tunned for more of my highlights of Cervantino.


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  1. Excellente! Looks like an amazing time. Thanks for sharing. Great fotos. Love, Aden