Monday, November 8, 2010

Strong Girls

As I edit through my fotos from Cervantino I am reminded of all of the great shows that we enjoyed in Plaza San Fernando. The beautiful Plaza San Fernando is about a 15 minute walk from Casa Verde. The picturesque jardin is surrounded by restaurants and a few retail shops. It is a wonderful place even without the entertainment. During Cervantino, Plaza San Fernando was the setting for 31 separate performances by 10 different acts from around the world. During the 24 days of Cervantino there were 19 days you could have seen something for free in Plaza San Fernando. That's right, I said for FREE.

18 y 19 October in the Plaza San Fernando, Theatre Biscornu from Quebec performed La Risa Muda. A live performance of a silent film is the best way I can describe La Risa Muda. It was a great show. Very entertaining. No dialog needed for the best actors. 

Pearl with the cast of La Risa Muda.

21 y 22 October in Plaza San Fernando, Bourask an extremely talented quartet of dancers, again from Quebec, performed the most interesting modern dance I have seen in some time. I love modern dance and the ladies of Bourask were doing things I had never dreamed of. African with their own seasonings. Their show, Monsieur Bossbottes was a very comic take on the South African mines, where this very strange, very rhythmic style of dance originated from. This show was 1 of my favorites of this years festival.
This is the main "Boss" of the miners. You know a show is
going to be good when this is how it starts.
I love fotos of crowds watching an event. This is exactly how I felt too.
Eyes wide open in amazement and jaw dropped as if to say, "Wow."
Fotos can't do this group justice.

24, 25 y 26 October Les 7 doigts de la main, from yep, you guessed it Quebec, wowed the packed jardin in San Fernando. The Circo de Mujeres featured 5 very impressive "women". Michelle thought that this, their "street" show was even better than their longer show that we saw in the big state auditorium. I thought both were amazing. 
It always starts with Eve y la manzana.
This foto and the next 3 were taken be my lovely assistant, Michelle.
Yes, he catches her after she flips.
Muy impresivo!
Another Michelle foto. She was, just as I am impressed
 to see a new mother return to work so fast.
The guy on the left was the "Mujer Misteriosa".

31 October y 1 November Princesse Patate entertained the San Fernando crowd with El Gran Circo Minusculo. How about I just tell you when an act isn't from Quebec. A very fun show for kids. I told the girls after the show, "Those girls actually get paid to play with dolls." Not a bad gig.

2 y 3 November, the last show we caught in San Fernando was El Mundo de los Payasos performed by Alexio and Marie-Bulle from, do I even have to say anything. Look at their names. Maybe they should re-name Plaza San Fernando, Plaza San Quebecando. I don't need to say much about this show. I think you all know how I feel about clowns.
Had to have at least 1 foto of a guy. 

As the father of 2 girls, I always seek out any performance of any type that features strong girls. I'm not talking about physical strength, although you see plenty of that in the above fotos. The "girls" we witnessed this year did not disappoint. Strong, smart, beautiful, graceful, creative, inspiring, just like all the girls in my life. You go girls! 

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