Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beautifully Stacked

Please click on the fotos if they are out of focus. Thank you. The Management.

Today I rode my bike out to the Alaskan Canadians' house for a pool party and for some reason I decided to stop and take a few fotos of the guys who make bricks.

I have ridden by this place many times as I have traveled out to our construction site in Carbonera and I have always been fascinated as I have ridden past the beautifully stacked bricks drying in the sun and the flame powered kilns. If a few of the kilns are cooking when you ride by, your first hint is the smell, next is the sound, the kilns sound like a jet airplane getting ready to take off and the last thing you notice as you get closer is the tremendous heat.

I have always thought I should take a few fotos and today I did.
My Karate Monkey and some bricks.
The same foto as above just closer
so you can see all of the bricks.
The guy in the pit is the mixer. With his bare feet he mixes the
ingredients for the bricks.
Right before I got here, the guy "manning" the kiln was
pouring more fuel on the fire with the cup sitting on the ground.
A few of the guys caught me and started to wave.
Nice stacks of bricks!

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