Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Rode My Monkey

Here's a little taste of the WRC. The World Rally Championships.

Thursday night the WRC started this years Corona Rally with a night stage through the tunnels of my town of Guanajuato. I rode my Monkey down to see what I could. It was cool but I must admit that I prefer the dirt road stages with the 4 wheel drifts more than a paved road stage. Still fun to see the crowds and the best drivers in the world driving on the streets of you town.

 Saturday afternoon, I stumbled out into the mountains between Guanajuato and Leon to see if I could find an off road stage of this years rally. After a few wrong turns I found myself on the right path.

Just like with the Flutterbys, my fotos, videos and words do not do justice to the event, but I hope they give you some sort of idea of some of what I witnessed.

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  1. so awesome! really love that second clip!