Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain Poncho

I had a great time playing with Jorge and Lalo at Zilch this past Wednesday. We played standards all night. Not many people at the club, so it was a nice chill evening. I know I am having fun when the guys in the band have to tell me it's time for a break or, "This tune and then maybe one more." When I am behind the trumpet and having a good time, time has no relevance.

It was only after we finished our last set that I noticed that it was raining. Guanajuato is a walking town so I walk to most of my gigs. Once it starts raining, if I remembered my rain coat and trash bag, I put on my coat, place the trash bag over my gig bag (soft trumpet case) and head out into the elements. Rain coats are OK but your legs and feet still get wet and the trash bag works unless it gets too windy.

I was excited Wednesday night because I got to try out my new rain protection. A few months ago in preparation for the rainy season, I purchased a military issue US made rain poncho (it can also be used as a tent!). I have already used it on long, rain filled hike with Rose a few weeks ago and just a few days ago for another rainy hike with both Pearl and Rose. The rain poncho is the perfect protection if you want to spend a little quality family time or alone time outside during a rain storm. It works well if you have to carry something that needs to stay dry like my gig bag. With the hood on,when I'm hiking through a rain soaked forest, I can't help but feel a little bit like Rambo. It also provides an excellent place for kids to hide. One handy piece of gear.

Walking up the Callejones during a rain storm is pretty cool. It's kind of like walking up water falls. Late Wednesday night(early Thursday morning) was not an especially strong rain storm, but even with just a small amount of rain, the Callejones turn into small, but sometimes deep rivers. Walking is much more fun than taking a taxi home and with my handy new rain poncho I returned home just about as dry as I was when I left the club.

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