Thursday, July 22, 2010

Terrifying Moments

Yesterday I witnessed one of the most terrifying moments of my life.

Over the last 3 days, I have been very fortunate to have my first trumpet teacher visiting Guanajuato. It's always nice to have someone to talk with who plays the same instrument as you. I started playing trumpet (cornet) the summer before I started 6th grade. The biggest advantage I have enjoyed as a trumpet player is having a father who was a trumpet player. Before I had ever pressed this crazy piece of brass tubing against my face, I already had many ideas in my head as to how it could sound.

My father Steve, was taught by his father Melvin Pettit. I never heard my Grandfather play. I did hear and eventually played with my father many many times. My father is a professional photographer, although he has played trumpet at a professional level ever since he was a student at Arlington (TX) High School in the late 60's. The trumpet was always the #1 instrument played at my house on our record player. Symphonic or jazz, it didn't matter, the music always had a trumpet flavor. My father is still playing and he currently leads the Swing Time big band in central Texas.

I have been in love with the trumpet for about as long as I can remember. My father is the person who started this very long love affair.

Yesterday the girls and I were showing my father and his wife Robbie around our land when I heard something and looked over to see my youngest daughter Rose underneath a horse who seemed to be tap dancing. Rose was looking directly at me. I didn't know what to do. I screamed and ran towards the bucking animal.

Rose, my sweet Rose came out with just a hoof sized scrape across the middle of her back. She didn't even cry as I held her in my arms.

It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.


  1. Mom's right - you guys have angels watching over you. Glad sweet Rober Dober is fine. Ping ping would not be happy if anything happened to her "I like 'dis friend." Love you all, Aden

  2. Holy Crap! I remember when our Appaloosa threw Anna off (she was just three years old) and she was ok. I wanted to run after the bastard, but had to bring Anna into her mother. never a nice thing to see your young daughter vs horse. God Bless! Alex