Saturday, August 7, 2010


Whenever my Mom, my girls call her "Grammy", comes down to visit she likes to take us to the beach. This year we returned to Barra de Navidad on the Pacific Coast. A 7 or 8 hour drive from Guanajuato.

Barra is a great place to start. We arrived , without reservations, in the small little beach town around 5 in the afternoon so I headed down to the beach with the girls and Michelle and my Mom began a search for accommodations. Barra is not 1 of the best swimming beaches for little swimmers, however it is 1 of the most beautiful sounding and looking beaches I have ever been to. Nice to get a chance to relax in such a beautiful part of Mexico. 

Michelle and Grammy found us a great place to stay in Barra de Navidad. Over the next few days we visited several different beaches that were absolutely perfect for little swimmers as well as beginning wave boarders. 

Melaque is a nice beach for kids, just a 10 minute drive to the other end of the bay from Barra. Cuastecomate is even nicer and it's only another 10 min. from Melaque. 

All of us thought that Manzanilla, not to be confused with Manzanillo, was great. Manzanilla is another 15 or 20 minutes to the north of Malaque. The sand is softer, the water clearer and the break was perfect for all. Manzanilla is wonderful. 

While we were at Manzanilla, I purchased another "new" horn.

When I played on the cruise ships (1992-93) I picked up a few different Conchs, now I have no idea where they are. I am a sucker for anyone who comes by on the beach selling a basket full of Conch and other shell horns. Michelle said everyone at the restaurant started looking when the salesmen and I played Conch duets. I got the biggest Conch for $150 pesos (about $14 US dollars).

On Thursday, I was loading up the car for our return trip and 2 of the last things I packed in the trunk were both somewhat fragile, forms of communication. 1 very ancient and 1 very recent. Somehow, I don't think that in 300 years there will be a guy on the beach trying to sell a basket full of different laptops, but the Conchs will play on as long as there is someone to play them.

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