Friday, June 10, 2011


1 of the things I love most about Mexico is the abundance of burros.

RANT #1:
I look forward to the day when my main means of transportation has 4 legs. I'm not kidding. I hate driving the automobile. Been there, done that. The automobile is convenient for the way most of our modern life's have been set up. That doesn't mean I have to like it. I'm trying to figure out ways to live without the automobile. Bikes, burros, our handy feet. I would rather not drive. It's also horrible for my posture. Don't get me started.

Sorry about that.

Anyways here are a few fotos I have taken of the burros I have seen around Guanajuato and out by our land.
I took this foto on a hike with my girls out by our land,
This is just a few blocks away from where we currently live.
 How's your Mexican history? The statue is Pipila.
On our way back home from Pipila.
I took this foto right before I "lost" my camera.
The guy on the burro and those like him, ride around town selling
firewood and topsoil/mulch kind of stuff from the mountainsides
around Santa Rosa.
I thought this was the last foto I had taken.
Burros outside Carbonera .

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