Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rather Large Puppets

Since much of the BUZZ show is focused on the history of buzzing I have been looking for the best ways to present history in a fun, interesting and entertaining way. 

With his invention of the self named Perinet valve in 1838, Francois Perinet may have change the trumpet more than any other person in history. Since I don't believe a man of Francois' age should be out on the road I decided to contact puppet master, Heie Boles for a little help. You may remember when I worked with Heie on a production about a year ago (see earlier post: El Negro and Me and El Negro July  2010). I told Heie my ideas and she was nice enough to let me borrow a German puppet to take home and experiment with.

Once I had worked with Heie's puppet for a bit I knew what I needed to get the job done.

I sought out local artists Mika y Felipe. Besides being highly recommended from several different people, I had seen some of their work before and I though if they couldn't help me they would know of someone who could.

When I went over to Mika y Felipe's I brought Pearl and Rose along. I thought it would be an interesting place to look around and boy was I right. So much great art lying around everywhere. Felipe is know for his rather large puppets, that are used in parades and other festivals. Super cool, but not exactly what I need.
The adult size puppets.
Pearl inside a child size.
Rose and her tongue.
Those are too cool but I needed something much smaller and more French.
1st Felipe sculpts a head.
Around the head he forms a mold.
Then he pushes a paper solution into the mold.
After a little smoothing of the edges, some paint and costume,
 petite Francois Perinet is born.
I had Felipe make 2 just in case something unexpected happens.
So whenever I show them together, they will be brothers.
Francois and his younger brother________.
I'm open to any ideas for a nice French sounding name for Francois' younger brother. Fire away.