Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Poem

If you have been reading many of my blog posts, then you will know that Jason in Mexico is pretty much just about me. I didn't start this blog to brag about my girls (that would be a full time job). It is not by accident that I don't very often mention them. Today I would like to make a small exception.

This morning I was warming up in the girls room and looked down and saw a piece of paper clipped in a clipboard with a picture on the front and typing on the back. When we lived in Colorado Springs I use to attend a few auctions. One of the wonderful things I found was an old Olympia manual type writer. The girls love it.

Anyways, typed (by Pearl my 9 year old) on the back of the paper was this;

My Poem

bright blue sky,
bright yellow sun.

people walking, thick black shadows show on the grass, trees, and dirt.
people drinking sweet yellow lemonade,
people eating bars made of sweet brown sugar,
slimy green lizard climbing up the trees,
plump purple plums growing off the tree tops.

Ok, now when I showed this to Michelle, she said, "Oh, yeah. Pearl got the adjectives from the names on some colored pencils." Still, we are both very impressed.

That's my Pearl girl.

Since I'm bragging. I think it is important for you to know that Pearl has not attended an English speaking school since Kindergarten in the Springs, the fall semester 2005. All of the credit for the girls reading and writing in English goes to my wife, Michelle. She has done a wonderful job making our girls truly bi-lingual.

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