Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Own Little Adventures

A year or so ago I was out at our land in Carbonera and I could hear the sound of live music playing not too far away. I had my trumpet with me and I immediately thought of how much fun it would be to play along with the sounds I heard drifting down the hillside and into my ears. It sounded like a guitar and a bass and someone singing. Puro Mexicana. It was surely the music of a fiesta.

After an hour or so of hearing the music at some distance, I mustered up the courage to walk down and see what the guys would think of have a white trumpet player crash their fiesta. No matter what happened it was a good chance to meet a few of the locals.

As I approached the scene I was surprised to see only 1 musician. Ruperto Varron was playing and singing and entertaining a small group of 6 or 7 guys. They all seemed open to the idea of me playing along so Ruperto and I played Mexican Ranchero and Mariachi music for the next few hours. Everyone ate and drank too much. It was a blast. It was a fiesta.

I got Ruperto's cell number that night and I never used it until this last Monday. 

Every now and then when I have a little extra time, I like to create my own little adventures. So, Monday I called Ruperto and said I would like to come to his house to play, listen and talk music. 
"How about mañana?" I asked.
Ruperto said he was at his house "Todos los dias."
"Mañana a las 12." 

Yesterday after a few wrong turns, I found Ruperto, in his white cowboy hat, standing across the street from his house. He told me where to park and then after introducing ourselves again, we walked into his backyard, Ruperto brought out a few chairs and we sat down and began to talk. After talking (my Spanish is not very good and he speaks no English) for about 15 minutes, Ruperto began to play the guitar that had been sitting on his lap the entire time we had been talking.

I remembered the sound as soon as I heard it and I joined right in. Again I had a blast.

I love all types of music. I love to make music anywhere with anyone and everyone. Playing my trumpet with an open mind has taken me to more incredible places than I can remember. The trumpet is my passport, sin limites. With my horn in hand I always seem to find the right seat.

When we got done playing I asked Ruperto if I could get a foto or 2. The I tired to ask if he could have his wife take a picture (for you guys) of us playing. He went inside his very small 2 or maybe 3 room house to ask. After some time and after hearing a bit of laughter coming from inside the house I realized that they thought I had asked for a family foto.

Then I asked if his daughter could take a foto of us as we played a tune for Ruperto's wife Maria.

Today is Mexico's 200th Birthday. I can't wait to explore even more of this fascinating world with my trumpet in hand.

Stay tuned to Jason in Mexico for more.


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