Thursday, September 30, 2010

Missing Woodwind Section

 Here are a few fotos I took on my walk to my gig last Saturday evening.
The view from historic Tecolote.
Mexico's Ruta de Independencia.
Lower Tecolote.
I left Casa Verde around 640 walking down to the stage setup in Plaza de la Cultura y las Artes. The Plaza is directly in front of the Teatro Cervantes in old Guanajuato.

I could hear Mexican music coming from the Plaza on most of my walk into town. When I arrived I saw a good sized crowd watching a nice performance of  Mexican folk dancing.

It was a beautiful evening for an outdoor concert. We had a great crowd. Everyone seemed to have a good time. We were supposed to be the full 4 member TUBA JAM, however Oscar was no where to be found, so we played as a trio, the Garrapatas Mexicanas. I always prefer the sound of us with our woodwind section. Since, other than the guys in the band, no one knew of our missing woodwind section, the show must go on. We still sound good as a trio, I just love the sound of the trumpet and sax. 
L to R. Me playing with my Cup mute, Laloc Vallejo, Dan Norman.
It's always nice to perform when you look out at the crowd and see children of all ages dancing to the music. 

Don't be afraid, let yourself go.

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