Friday, September 24, 2010

Under A Tarp

Last Wednesday I walked into town to run a few errands. I got caught in a rain shower without my handy rain poncho. No worries, I was a bit hungry so I used this opportunity to try a new (to me) restaurant. Michelle always laughs when I use the word "restaurant" to describe these..........................restaurants.
I am not the only trumpet player enjoy the food.  The guy with horn under his arm is 1 of the many Mariachis in Guanajuato.

I have eaten in this exact location hundreds of times before, but not at this restaurant.

Almost every day when I was with the OSUG, during our 35 minute break from 1130-1205, you could usually find me snacking at another restaurant that sets up on the callejon just off the famous Barratillo in downtown Guanajuato. During different times of the day there are different types of food served from different types of vendors. On breaks from the orchestra my favorite snacks from the "Taco Lady" were, and still are, her Quesadillas filled with either Picadillo or Chorizo. Her tortillas are made by hand fresh on the spot.

It was after 4 on Wednesday when I got caught in the rain in the Barratillo. 4 is the time for comida in Mexico. The food or comida, at the "new" restaurant was delicious and you can't beat the location. Comida in the rain under a tarp. To me, this is a restaurant.
Eggs, beans, rice and as many hand made tortillas as you can eat for $16 pesos, around a $1.50 US.

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