Friday, August 26, 2011

Walk In The Rain

Earlier today I was looking up at where I store my rain poncho and I was lamenting the fact that I haven't had a reason to use my poncho much as of late. So naturaly I was excited when the storms began to roll through about a half hour before I was planning on walking into town to listen to my friend Betsy Pinover Schiff talk about her fotos that are on display at the Museo del Pueblo de Guanajuato. Betsy's exhibit opened on the 5th of July and will finish on the 3rd of September. Guanajuato Sombra de Color is a very cool colection of fotos Betsy took of Guanajuato. The exibit was full of beautiful colors overlayed by interesting shadows. Good fotos, bad description.

Anyways one of the best parts of my evening in town was walking in the rain down into centro. The rain poncho enables one to get out even when the rain is still pretty fierce. I love walking through town when not many people are out. It's an especially nice treat on a Friday at 620 pm.

Guanajuato is such a beautiful place in so many ways. Thanks Betsy for giving me a different lense to look at the colors of Guanajuato and Mexico through. And for getting me out of the house to walk in the rain.

This guy just came out from under the bridge as I past by.
He's selling camote which is like a sweet potato.
I'm not sure how they are cooked but there is wood burning
involved and he some how has a wild sounding whistle
hooked up to the stove that he sounds for advertisment.
I saw this guy on my way back up.
Beautiful grafiti and ugly grafiti.
She comes by it honestly.
Please pardon any more misspellings than normal. We have a newly upgraded computer which is great, but the spell check curently underlines 99% of the words that I type. I'll try to get it fixed soon. Just hang in there.

Thanks the Management.

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