Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Than Welcome

About a week before I left for Lerdo, a guitarist from Chicago by the name of Michael Kent Smith gave me a call. He said he was new in town and that he was looking for some cats to play with. I told him that there were not many jazz cats in this town but if he would like to come jam with the TUBA JAM guys that he would be more than welcome.

Michael showed up at Zilch to play with us last week. He fit right in and we all had a blast. Since then I have had the pleasure of playing several times with Michael and Dan. Michael is a master of many styles and he has tons of cool tricks in his bag. M.K.S. is a great addition to our sound. For the moment TUBA JAM's sound is heading in a somewhat different direction.
r to l M.K.S.,Dan and myself proudly displaying my hometown colors.
More good new for an Arlington Texas boy: my Texas Rangers are in the World Series. I don't really care how they do, I'm just very excited that they have finally made it to the big show. 

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