Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out Against The Traffic

1 of the things I really like about the festival in Lerdo was that everything was within a very short walking distance from our hotel. I love stumbling around a different place.

With the exception of the 1 nighttime foto all of these fotos were taken on the same street, on the same day, within a few minutes or hours of 1 another.

This lady was loaded down and cruiusin' with the traffic.
I watched and waited as this guy waited for the right
 moment to head out against the traffic of Lerdo. 
Take your time, there is a lot going on in this foto.
1 dinner option in Torreon.
The 2 guys in the last foto were the best.

If you have seen any of my 3 wheeled bike fotos from before, then you are well aware of my normal drive by shooting style. It is part of the nature of catching these rare beauties in action. Plus, I don't know what or how to ask a complete stranger without sounding like the craziest guy on the planet, "Can I get a picture of you 2 as you load this washer machine onto your bike?"

This time I was waiting at the bus station in Torreon when I spotted these guys across the street. As I walked up they asked if I wanted any tacos. I told them that I wasn't hungry and of my love of the 3 wheeled bike and that I just wanted foto. They too spoke of their love for the functionality of this practical device. As you can see they were all to happy to strike a pose. I love the smile on el Jefe.

Stumbling can be fun. Just don't forget your camera.

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