Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't Beat That

Had a blast playing around town last night. Started off playing with Dan (tuba) and Laloc (drums) At a super cool, new, cheap hotel in downtown Guanajuato. I not sure of the name, but I will find and post the name and fotos for you guys. If you are looking for a very clean, nice place for hardly any $$ this seems like the place. They even have live music. You can't beat that. Not many people at the gig, however we did have a crowd gather out in the street and they seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Next I played at Capelina with Jorge (bass) Casper (flute) and Laloc again. The restaurant was packed. Everyone was out on the town celebrating for St Valentine Day. Super fun playing standards with the guys. All in all a very fun evening.

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