Thursday, February 4, 2010


Just stoped in an internet cafe for this update. This keyboard SUCKS! Oh well.

It has been raining ever since we got back from our hike on Monday. Very unusual weather for us. We have only been here for 4 years so we don´t have very much data to go from. I am not complaining. We NEED the rain. We have been on water rationing for a while (more on that later).

One thing about being taller than most of the people is that you really have to look out for the little pointy things on the end of everyones umbrelas. They tend to be at eye or chop (lip) level and some are pretty sharp. I think they would work well in a Bond film for some sort of stealth weapon.

Just got done eating 2 gorditas from one of the street vendors in the Baratillo. Here is the scene; A group of about 9 people standing in the rain around 1 lady cooking the masa (taco shell) part of the gordita and 1 lady fishing out of about 12 different plastic containers what ever filling you want inside your gordita. You know your food is good if people will stand in the rain to eat it. Mexico is wonderful. The rain is wonderful.

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