Friday, February 12, 2010

What A Night

What a night. Tuba Jam literally rocked the house at Zilch. More on that in a minute.

First the "serious" music. I started my evening off with a rehearsal and concert at the beautiful Teatro Juarez. La Fisica de la Musica was the name of the concert and as you can guess it was about the physics in music. Not super exciting stuff, but interesting and the live music provided by the orchestra kept most people from falling asleep. I played a few tunes on piccolo, 3rd Beethoven Leonore off stage trumpet calls, and I demonstrated the Doppler effect with my rubber hose trumpet. The rubber hose trumpet and my demonstration brought out the only laughter of the concert. Always nice to hear people laugh. Here are a few fotos from the rehearsal. Couldn't find anyone to take fotos during the show.

Tuba Jam is a group I put together with some friends here in Guanajuato. We are your basic party band and we play music of many styles. We LOVE to have a good time and do our best to get everyone within earshot to do the same. Last night at Zilch we had a great crowd. The 1st set everyone seemed content to just sit and listen, but after a tune or two into the 2nd set people began to dance. The crowd went crazy! At the request of the crowd, both Dan Norman, our tuba player and Dan Buckowski who was sitting in on clarinet took their shirts off. You know people are having a good time if they ask a tubist and a clarinetist to disrobe. At one point the crowd of people dancing in the middle of the room were jumping up and down and I could feel the floor moving under my feet. You know you are rockin' the club when the club actually is rockin'. It is one of the best feelings as a musician when you really get people to move. So the next time you are somewhere with a live band get up and move. I don't care (and no one else does either) if you are the worst dancer ever. It simply doesn't matter. When people are moving it becomes infectious and most people could use this sort of infection.

My fotos aren't loading right now. I'll send them out later. You won't want to miss the nudity.

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