Monday, February 22, 2010

Well Oiled Jazz

After the OSUG concert Friday night I played with Dan tuba and Laloc drums at the lovely Corcho de Baco. Saturday I spent the morning getting the water pump replaced in my old 87 GMC Suburban. I found the best mechanic in Guanajuato. More on these guys later. Now back to artists of a different medium. Saturday I rehearsed with Cuban pianist Gabriel Hernandez and bassist Tyler Mitchell at Zilch. These guys are a couple of the finest jazz musicians anywhere in the world. We performed a 1 hour show with vocalist Marilyn Holderfield from Cleveland. She sounded good and the band tore it up. After this gig I took the guys over to there hotel La Casa de los Cuentas where Gabriel, Tyler, and myself played a few hours worth of jazz for a small but very lucky crowd. Gabriel and Tyler play together often in San Miguel GTO, MX. They are a well oiled jazz machine. They played many original compositions. I had just as much fun listening as I did playing.

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