Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Funny Note

This week with the OSUG (orchestra) we have a very good conductor, Mykos Michalidis. He is trying his best to get the music off the page and convey what the composer wrote. That is a tall order for our group. He has stayed very possitive which is not always easy to do with us. If you are in Guanajuato don't miss the concert at 8.30 in the Teatro Principal.

We have our workers back at the land so it is hard for me to have much time to post updates. It was nice to be sleeping outside last night. And with my simple diet of bean burritos, it is probably a very good idea that I spend most of my time outdoors away from most people.
I still can't wait to tell you about the jazz concert of the year last Sunday at the Gene Byron.

The workers are on what I like to call "Phase 2" rebuilding the ruins. "Phase 1", land reclamation is now complete. I will post a few fotos to show you a bit more. Once the ruin walls are complete my plan is to put roofs and floors on/in them and then we (the family) will move in. It is a very cool project and super fun to build your own place. One funny note, yesterday was my day of fame, when the workers arrived they were telling me something about TV, then I figured out that they had seen me on the TV. They were all giggling about it. In town walking home after rehearsal, I was also stopped by several different groups of people that had been to one of the 6 gigs I played this weekend. Crazy! It's a very small town.

Now, back to work.

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