Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Play On The Roof

Just got done talking with Jean at "La Casa de los Cuentas" about a concert this Saturday. The concert will feature a few of the the jazz giants from San Miguel GTO. The FINE WINE TRIO, Gabriel Hernandez (piano), Tyler Mitchell (bass) , and Bobby Kapp (drums). The group will play on the roof of the hotel if the city doesn't refuse. If so, or if the weather does not permit, we will play indoors. This should be an evening of intimate jazz to remember. La Casa de los Cuentas is the hotel I told you about a few posts ago. Great location in downtown Guanajuato Mexico, super clean, and good prices. They also seem to be trying hard to get a live music scene happening in there place. Keep checking in with Jason in Mexico for more information.

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  1. Me lo perdí una vez más. Siento que la vida está pasándome de lado.