Sunday, May 30, 2010

Best Seats In The House

Here are a few fotos from last nights "Noche de Jazz" at Cava Manolos. Cuban pianist Gabriel Hernandez, Mexican bassist Jorge Preza, and me trying to play the trumpet. Jorge really rose to the occasion and sounded great with Gabriel. Gabriel always sounds amazing. With 1 or 2 exceptions I was really struggling all night. Since I am the "booking agent" for most of these gigs I am constantly thinking about how many people show to make sure I can pay all the guys what I have promised. OK, I'll stop whining. It was, like always such a pleasure to stand next to jazz great Gabriel and listening to Jorge play his ass off. Even if I don't play great I always have one of the best seats in the house.

Do not adjust your screen. I know the foto in the middle is dark. Cava Manolos was not dark at all. I guess the flash didn't work, but I thought the foto looks cool.

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