Monday, May 31, 2010

The Sound Of A Scream

Yesterday during the middle of an afternoon nap I heard Pearl screaming. High and shrill and with many repetitions. Now, if you have ever been in a house with, or you are lucky enough to have a couple of young daughters then you know that screaming is not usually done to alarm. So, it was not until I heard my wife Michelle scream that I decided I should get up and go see what all of the commotion was about. It's funny how just the sound of a scream coming from someone who you know can give you little hints about the situation. Michelle's scream was one more of startle and surprise than anything else. When I got to the girls room I could see just what would invite such a response from Chelly. Around 4 feet long, what I would call a Field snake, had made it's way up the fence, just outside the girls window and had made it's way through an opening in their window screen and onto their windowsill. After a little thinking, I used a broom handle to kill the snake and then we skinned it, cut it up into snake nuggets. Then dip them in a little butter, flour, and fry 'em up. It wasn't a huge meal but it was fresh and yummy.

Just kidding. Michelle and I carefully helped the snake back out the way he had come. We all hope he enjoys a long life outside of Casa Verde.

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  1. I thought you were serious about the nuggets! Yuck! Your girls (all three) are so stinking brave! Forge on brave blondies. Love and hugs, Aden