Sunday, May 30, 2010

Life In Cuba

Gabriel Hernandez came in from San Miguel yesterday. I met him outside of town at the Hotel Gran Plaza. He followed me (it is almost imposible to give directions in our twisted little city) to Cava Manolos in Plaza San Javier on the opposite side of Guanajuato. He had never played with Jorge Preza before so we played for about 45 minutes until Jorge had to leave. The acoustics in Manolos sound very nice. After deciding, mas o menos, on a song list for the show, Gabriel and Fransisco followed me back to my place (Casa Verde). I got my girls and we walked down Tecolote to the "Ben Franklin'ers" place where we all hung for a while. It was very interesting to listen to Gabriel tell stories of life in Cuba. He is also very good with children of all ages. It was fun watching him sing songs with Isla. When we got back to our house my girls had a blast throwing, kicking, and hitting a ball around the street in front of Casa Verde with him.

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