Friday, May 28, 2010

Young Kids

I had a blast playing at Zilch last night. Since Guanajuato is a college town Thursday night is usually a crazier night than Friday or Saturday. Most of the college students don't stay in town over the weekend so Thursday night is kinda' like Friday night for the youngsters. We had a great crowd. I love watching the young kids as we are setting up. They seem comfortable with the drums, but when they see the tuba, sax, and the trumpet being pulled out of their cases they do look a little confused. New York City slide trumpeter Stephen Bernstein of the amazing jazz group "SEX MOB" said he and his group are "trying to make instrumental music sexy again." I love Stephen's playing, writing, "SEX MOB", and that quote. We, the members of TUBA JAM are doing exactly that. While the young kids may not expect it, by the time they leave I believe that we have made these super cool, relatively ancient instruments sexy once again.

One of my favorite things in life is to be able to get a crowd of people dancing with my music. Last night we had many wonderful dancers. It always helps start things off when you have a ringer in the crowd. Local jewelry artist Cynthia Dufault was celebrating a birthday. Everyone in town knows of her cool creations, but I am one of the few people who knows that in her former life Cyndi was a professional dancer. So when she gets out on the dance floor, look out. It is great to watch one persons display of happiness effect all of those around. Happy Birthday Cyndi.

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