Sunday, May 2, 2010


Had a great time playing with the TUBA JAM guys this weekend. Friday night we played at Cappelina, a very nice Italian restaurant in the centro. It was the TUBA JAM trio plus Casper, the friendly flautist. I didn't know Casper would be there, but it is always nice to hear him play. The sound of the flute gives us a different sound and a nice change of pace.

Saturday the original members of TUBA JAM were out in full force in the Plaza Allende. Guanajuato legend, painter, sculptor, instrument inventor, Oscar Escalante on soprano and tenor sax, Dan Norman tuba, and Laloc Vallejo on the drums. We played here as a trio a few months back. Even more fun with the whole group. Great having Oscar back playing in his signature style. Oscar also built his own house a few years back. Just one of the many reasons I love this guy.

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