Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Open Water Swim Club

Yesterday the Guanajuato Open Water Swim Club had it's first official swim. The Guanajuato Open Water Swim Club started out of a desire of mine to swim outdoors in a natural setting.

Tuesday we piled into my '88 4x4 Suburban and headed up to the mountains above Santa Rosa GTO. Presa Peralillo (in the above foto) is a nice clean mountain lake and a great place for a swim. 7 people were in attendance and 6 of the 7 got in the water, Ernie was to busy taking fotos. I told Ernie, "No worries" the Swim Club has no swimming requirements. It was a beautiful day. The water was very fresh. Several of us swam a ways out in the lake before returning to the warmth of our awaiting towels. It is slightly different swimming at around 9,000 feet elevation. I am hoping that we start making this a weekly swim and I can get a bit more comfortably relaxing my breathing and swimming more efficiently at this altitude.

In this foto (taken by Ernie) from left to right: Victor, Matthias, Debbie, Tom, Me, Mike. These are the few, the proud and the brave. Thanks to all of those in attendance. Great way to start a day.

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