Thursday, June 10, 2010

Weekend Update Part 2

Weekend Update Part 2.

I almost forgot I played for a boda (wedding) in San Miguel Allende on Saturday. These fotos were taken before I played.

Templo Parroquia is the church located in the center of San Miguel. It's a very popular place to get married. On Saturdays the weddings never stop. The Mariachis and the giant puppets are waiting for the end of the wedding that concluded just before I got started.

Working weddings in Mexico is very similar to when I use to play with the Calypso bands in Chicago. I have pretty good memory for melody and the calypso guys never had any charts, other than a few ideas written out on napkins. Since I could remember where to put the horn lines they always called me for the gigs.

When I show up to play a wedding in Mexico the leader will say, "You know, this one.." and then he sings a bit and I nod and say yes I know that. Then he usually say's, "I'll point to you when you are to start." Alright, let's do it.

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