Friday, June 25, 2010

How I Roll

When we left the States about 5 years ago one of my favorite bits of slang was, "That's just how I roll." What a great saying. So, here's a little insight into how I roll.

At the beginning of the week I received an invitation on Facebook from world class Argentinian drummer Hernan Hecht. He is on a week long tour with tenor sax man Cristian Mendoza and Roberto Blanco on the keys.

Last night they were playing at La Encrucijada Jazz Club in Queretaro, QRO. about a 2 hour drive south of Guanajuato. I sent Hernan an email asking if I could sit in with the group and he agreed. Now, I have only met Hernan once about a year ago after a concert he performed in Irapuato, GTO. Besides being a monster drummer, Hernan is also a very warm and welcoming cat.

So, yesterday evening I packed up my trumpet, mutes, and camera and headed off to the big city of Queretaro. Going off the only directions I had (the name of the club) I drove straight to the heart or centro of Queretaro, found a place to park, got out and started asking people for directions. After 15 minutes or so of searching I finally found a taxi driver who knew where La Encrucijada was. I followed him there and payed him his $50 pesos (about $4.25 US) and I went inside.

La Encrucijada is a very cool club. Actually it is 2 very cool clubs. You first walk into the Rock House, the larger of the 2 venues, that has a stage for a 7 piece rock band and enough room to seat 300'ish. Walk through the Rock House out into an open air patio area that connects you with the more intimate Jazz Club that seats about 70. I introduced myself to the owner David and the guys in Hernan's group. They set up for a quick sound check. I got up and played on the 2nd tune of the sound check. All of the guys liked it and they invited me to play for the rest of the evening.

It was a very fun night of playing. Hernan just kills it. He sounds so good. Cristian and Roberto too. We used no music and just played. I had a blast. Fun making up harmony parts to the tenor lines. I love the sound of the trumpet and tenor together.

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  1. Hey, thanks for the report. We love dancing in Queretaro's central plaza on Sunday eves. Their latin band is fabulous. Glad to know there's great jazz there, too. Next time we go, we'll search out the club.