Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Natural Born Clown

Yesterday I performed for the first time as a clown. Now, any of you who know me would probably argue about my use of the word "first" in the previous sentence. Many of the teachers I had during my years in the Arlington (Texas) public schools would probably even go so far as to say I was a natural born clown, but I never listened to them much. In the last few weeks I have been an audience member to several different clown performances. Guanajuato seems to be a bit of a hotbed for this type of performance art. Even before "My Part Of The Show" (earlier post on May 15th) I have been interested in the art of being a clown. So many varieties. Happy, sad, circus, street, rodeo....... I love the silent clowns. There is something so beautiful about being able to affect people without the need for words of any type.

Both of my girls attend the Yeccan Waldorf school. It is a small private school that is a perfect place for my girls. Pearl is in the 4th grade and Rose 2nd. Yesterday we (the parents from 2nd grade)put on a show for the children of 2nd grade. There are 11 kids in Rose's class so it wasn't a big show. It was a very cute show. The costumes and makeup were good and funny. Most of the parents even memorized their lines. It's fun to watch the kids watching their parents. Lot's of beautiful smiles. Good friend and actual Swiss Miss Anna Knecht, Michelle and I were tasked with playing a little music during the performance. After Michelle and I played an opening "Intrada" for horn and trumpet by Arthur Frackenpohl from his wonderful book, 10 Duets For Trumpet And Horn, I walked to center stage and did a silly clown rubber hose trumpet routine. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. I even got the crowd to laugh a few times. Very fun. I not sure, but this maybe the start of something.

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