Saturday, March 27, 2010

Built By Hand

Here are some facts on our new construction.

If you have been paying attention then you know that we have no services (water, electric, gas ) nothing. Everything we have built we have built by hand. All of the rocks for the walls of our home and 2 of the 3 retaining walls are rocks that were on site. We had to purchase 5 dump truck loads of "new" rocks for the great wall and 1 dump truck full of sand for everything. We have used about 30 50 kilo bags of cement and about 50 20 kilo bags of Cal. For tools we haven't used anything very exotic. Shovels, picks, hammers, and those sorts of things. The most sophisticated tool we have used so far is what I call a hand drill. We used it yesterday to drill 2 wholes in 1 of our large (6 meter) roof supports. We got the big beams of the roof up yesterday and now I have to wait for the cement to dry around the beams before I put the smaller boards that will support the Teja tile. It was very cool to see that what I had thought up actually worked.

Headed to Texas tonight for a few gigs and I'm already ready to return home.

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