Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Wheeled Bike Fetish

Anyone who knows me knows of my love of the bicycle. One of the greatest inventions ever. So naturally I love people who make their living with the bike. I am not talking about Lance. People who are less super human but who to me are even cooler. No blood doping here with my guys. I have a 3 wheeled bike fetish. Whenever I see one I try to get a shot.

A little history. The guy with the cowboy hat sells ice cream. When the girls Waldorf school moved outside of town this guy was always riding around in that area selling delicious ice cream. The guy with the gas powered rig sells tacos a vapor on the road to San Miguel. Steamed tacos for 4 pesos each. They are yummy and his salsas are excellent. The guy blowing up the balloon was selling cookies and kids toys outside a church in Silao.

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  1. Jason, I like your blog! It's so alive, so colorful! Thanks a lot for your views and though I'm not a fan of the OSUG, I can understand the excitement of your work.
    Also nice to talk about the building of your house. I had the same feeling, when we moved to San Isidro, 20 years ago.
    Congratulations for your blog. I'll look at it often!
    Lirio Garduño-Buono