Thursday, March 4, 2010

LESS Than 20 Minutes

Busy week working out at our land and playing principal trumpet with the OSUG this week. We have a good conductor, Stefano Mazzoleni from Italy. He has been here before so at least he knows what to expect from us. It seems like every time he is here we have some sort of personel problems. Last time Nacho, our regular principal trumpet got punched in the mouth in some sort of bar brall. So I had to sight read Shostokovich 13 (a very hard part) the night of the concert. This week our pricipal horn played for the first 2 rehearsals and then became to ill to continue. So now Dan Norman, the famous tubist from Tuba Jam is playing pricipal horn. Even if we don't sound that great it is very fun playing Dvorak No.8. Really great music with some great trumpet licks.

The costruction out at our land is going well. The guys are working very hard and making some very beautiful walls. On Tuesday when I arrived they were almost out of cement so I called up my cement guys and they had it out to our land in LESS than 20 minutes. Pretty cool!

Still no interweb at the house and between that, not having much time, and being too lazy to carry the laptop in to town. No fotos for now. I will be posting some soon. I can't wait to show you guys what we are doing. It is too much fun building your own house. Everyone should give it a try.

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