Thursday, March 25, 2010

King Of The Jungle

I was down in San Miguel Allende this morning rehearsing with the lovely Ann Riley. We have an organ and trumpet recital at St. Paul's in a few weeks. It's great fun making music with such a wonderful person. I'm excited about the music we have chosen and I know it will be a very nice concert.

When I was returning I saw this truck, which is the common way that the circus lets you know they are in town. Yep, part of some guys job is to get up in the morning and slowly drive around town on the main streets, stopping in front of schools, parks, anywhere kids and families might be to promote the circus. The trucks I have seen have had monkeys, tigers, camels, and like this one the King of the Jungle, the lion. Even when taken so far away from their natural environment, taking a nap in the back of a truck driving around a town in Mexico, these are truly magnificent animals.

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