Monday, March 8, 2010


This Saturday, Alberto (my main maestro of wall construction) and I traveled to just outside of Dolores Hidalgo to purchase 2 large wooden support beams. They will be made out of Mesquite and be used over both doorways in the kitchen. The big one is 210 centimeters long and the smaller one is 160 centimeters long. Both are 40 cent.(16") wide and tall. Big pieces of wood. The total cost for both was $3,800 pesos. Alberto said we got a good deal. I will take some fotos when I pick them up tomorrow. The drive to the wood store was a blast. Alberto took me on the more direct dirt road route out of his town of San Martin. We traveled through 2 rivers, I saw many farmers plowing their fields with horses, and one ranchero who had a burro so loaded down with dried corn stalks that all you could see was very little of the burros head sticking out from this giant walking stack of corn stalks.

When I returned to Guanajuato I drove outside of town on the free road to Santa Terresa where the stone masons are. I ordered a couple of big green stone balls to use for supports. Then I headed back out to the land for more shoveling and wheelbarreling. Shoveling dirt, sifting out the good rocks and then taking the dirt up hill around 100 feet of walking. That will get your heart pumping. I am planning on using the dirt for several raised beds for vegetable gardens.

Returned to the land early Sunday morning with the intent to do some more work. My hands were still very tired from the previous days work so I decided to go for a short hike. I have been working so much at the land that I haven't seen any of my girls much. Called Michelle and see if she and the girls would be interested in going to the WRC event outside of Silao. Got back to the house and loaded up the girls and a few friends and off we went.

The last dirt stage of the World Rally Championships was just outside of Silao, GTO about a 45 min. drive from our house. We all had a blast watching the best rally drivers in the world. Very impressive. Perfect day for rallying. Nice and warm and lots' o' dust.

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